Monday, February 7, 2011

M4T-Orientation Workshop Syllabus

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Free Orientation Workshop (M4T-O)


February 9 - February 28, 2011

M4T-O workshop is intended to provide people who have never used Moodle with the knowledge and skills to navigate a Moodle course and access resources and activities
from a student perspective as well as to practice the the same resources and activities in the class sandbox. 
IT4ALL embraces a life long learning skills where participants
become responsible for their own learning. The facilitators will facilitate and guide you in the process but ultimately, you are in charge of your own learning. Please make suggestions,
add comments, and most importantly, ask questions. Your questions will help you and others learn.
The workshop will include both asynchronous (not dependent on time) and
synchronous (time dependent) learning environments. The asynchronous will be conducted on IT4ALL Moodle and the synchronous learning environment will be conducted on WiZiQ
 through IT4ALL Moodle.

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M4T-O Workshop Syllabus


The goal of the M4T-Orientation workshop is to prepare you for learning in an online environment. You will learn to understand online learning from the student's perspective so you can prepare your future courses with the learner in mind.


This intensive, three-week-long workshop is designed to engage you in theoretical and practical aspects of online learning with a Learning Management System called Moodle. You will be introduced to the Moodle philosophy and course tools. By successfully completing the program you will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to successfully communicate and collaborate with your peers in an online learning environment.

Workshop Context

In the workshop each participant will practice working as a "student" in the resources and activities provided in the learning management system of Moodle.

Workload & Format

M4T-O requires participants to be active at least 5 hours a week on theoretical and practical aspects of online learning by participating in discussions and completing assignments.
M4T-O will include asynchronous (via Moodle - a course management system) and synchronous (via WiZiQ - a web conferencing tool) components.

Workshop Layout

This three-week facilitated workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Course Layout & Navigation.   Learn how to navigate in a Moodle course and the broader Moodle environment.
  • Topic 2: Introductions.   Learn how to update your Moodle profile and post responses to online forum discussions.
  • Topic 3: Successful Online Learning.   Learn about the skills needed to be a successful online learner.
  • Topic 4: Online Communication & Collaboration.   Learn why it is important to create a supportive learning environment.
  • Topic 5: Moodle Resources.   Learn about and use some of the basic "resources" available in Moodle. (eg: labels, web links, file links, compose web pages)
  • Topic 6: Moodle Activities.   Learn about and complete some of the basic "activities" available in Moodle (eg: forum, choice, assignments) 

Learning Objectives

By the end of the workshop learners should be able to:

  • Navigate around the Moodle site and course areas
  • View participant profiles, blogs and course activities log
  • Change their password and edit their profile 
  • Post entries in forums
  • Explain what skills are required to be a successful online learner
  • Explain why communication & collaboration is important for online learning
  • View different types of course resources
  • Access and complete a number of different types of activities


The Facilitators will issue participants a Certificate on successful completion of the workshop.