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M4T-Beginner Workshop Syllabus

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Moodle for Teachers

Beginner Workshop (M4T-B)

January 24 - February 19, 2011

M4T-B workshop is intended to provide beginners with the necessary knowledge and skills
to create basic Moodle resources and activities.
IT4ALL embraces a life long learning methodology where participants are responsible for taking charge of their own learning.
The facilitators are here to facilitate and guide your learning.

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M4T-B Workshop Syllabus


The goal of the M4T-Beginner workshop is to help educators ensure the quality of online learning through systematic instructional design of online and blended online courses (BOL) and instructor training on online pedagogies.


This intensive, four-week-long workshop is designed to engage you in theoretical and practical aspects of online learning and teaching with a Learning Management System called Moodle. You will be introduced to the Moodle philosophy and course development tools. By successfully completing the program you will have acquired the knowledge and skills needed to create basic Moodle resources and activities for blended online learning (BOL) or blended learning (BL) courses. As online learners, you will learn to understand online learning from the student's perspective so you can prepare your future courses with the learner in mind.

Workshop Context

In the workshop you will be randomly assigned to work in a team to collaboratively design, develop and facilitate a lesson in your area of teaching. Each person in the team will develop a lesson with example activities and resources. You will also be encouraged to reflect on the process of developing your lesson and to share your learning experiences with your peers.

Workload & Format

M4T-B requires participants to be active at least 5 hours a week on theoretical and practical aspects of online learning (individually and in teams).
M4T-B will include asynchronous (via Moodle - a course management system) and synchronous (via WiZiQ - a web conferencing tool) components.

Workshop Layout

This 4 week facilitated workshop will cover the following topics:

  • Topic 1: Getting Started. Learn how to use the various editing tools and how to work with files and folders from a teacher perspective.
  • Topic 2: Moodle Resources. Learn how to add common Moodle "resources" eg: a label, a webpage, a link to a web site and a link to a file.
  • Topic 3: Moodle Activities. Learn how to add common "Moodle "activities" eg: forum, choice, assignments, wikis etc.
    Research suitable activities and develop a lesson with example activities and resources. 
  • Topic 4: Share & Evaluate. Complete the lessons developed by your team members and provide feedback for improvements. 

Expected Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop learners should be able to:

  • Update course settings
  • View participant profiles, blogs and course activities log
  • Use Moodle editing tools to add content
  • Add resources and activities to a blank Moodle course to create a basic lesson


The Facilitators will issue you with a Certificate on successful completion of the workshop.